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What is Sub-metering and how does it work?

Sub-metering is the method used by Property Managers, Multi-unit communities, Condominium Associations, Homeowner Associations, Shopping Centers, and Office Buildings to measure individual utility consumption.

Individual sub-meters are installed and billed to resident(s)/tenant(s) for only the utility or utilities consumed. In communities where utilities are not separated i.e. water, electric & gas; utility cost are covered within the monthly HOA dues collected. Sub-metering allows owners to pay for only what they use.  

Jasber Utility Services can sub- meter all utilities; and specialize in utility separation.

What makes our services better than others?

Jasber Utility Services uses only licensed technicians for installation, maintenance, and utility management services.  We pride ourselves on our consultative approach to getting to know our clients’ needs and designing a system that will fulfills those needs. Other water utility company’s use Ratio Utility Billing Systems or (RUBS) or Hybrid water heater meters which does not provide communities with accurate billing consumptions and based on EPA standard is not considered true Sub-metering.  We not only provide Reading, Billing & Installation services; we provide financing options to communities that do not have the initial capital to fund sub-metering projects; but want real solutions to rising utility cost.

Shut off valves are installed so that services can be disconnected for non-payment which allows us to minimize losses and collect on past due balances.

Jasber Utility Services is a full service company that not only installs sub-meters, but can repair/replace main infrastructure utility lines that also contribute to excessive utility consumption loss.

Who pays for common area water usage?

The community HOA remains responsible for all common area water usage. At no time will common area charges apply to a resident’s water bill.

Will the community still receive a water bill?

Yes, the community will continue to receive a monthly water bill from their local county municipal. However individual residents/ tenants are too billed for utilities consumed and collected utilities are returned to community management to recover cost.   This reduces communities spending and provides additional revenue for community preservation, and reserve accounts.

Who determines what rates to bill?

All Utility rates are set by Local County municipals and are calculated based on Local County billing/rate structures.  Jasber Utility cannot and does not add any additional rate charges to individual customer billing.

Is sub-metering legal?

YES, Georgia senate bill SB370 allows multi-unit communities the right to implement sub-metering in an effort to promote water conservation.

How do we know if our community can be sub-metered?

All Commercial and Residential multi-unit communities can be sub-metered.  Jasber Utility Services is a full service sub-metering company that can handle all utility needs.  Communities that are individually separated and properties in which need to be separated Jasber Utility can handle.  Jasber Utility Services specializes in utility separation.

An onsite evaluation would need to be conducted to provide specific individual community utility needs.

Do our By-Laws and Covenants need to be reviewed?

Yes, Your By-Laws and Covenants need to be reviewed to determine the necessary sets if any that should or need to be taken to implement sub-metering.  Contact your legal team or CMA.

Is it legal to disconnect services for non-payment?

Yes, under Georgia state law through means of metering you have the right to separate water from assessments (dues). Making it legal to disconnect services for non-payment of water.

Installation Location?

All Water Meters are installed below ground; and gas and electric meters are installed above ground; in a common location determine by Jasber Utility Service for easy access for reading, maintenance and disconnection.  No meters are installed on the interior of individual units.

What do our monthly service cost Include?

Our Monthly service fees include Monthly Meter Reading, Meter Maintenance; Billing, Mail Processing, Payment processing (mail), Complete Customer Care Services, Online Bill Payment options 24-7, Monthly community reporting.

Service fees are billed directly to the account holder or property owner.  Multi-unit HOA’s and Management are never billed for service cost.

In HOA Communities can tenants be held responsible for utility billing?

Unfortunately “No”, Due to the structure of HOA community By-Laws and Covenants owners will always be responsible for utility billing.  However; property owners tend to utilize our dual billing option so both tenant(s) and owner(s) are aware of utility cost.  Property owner(s) should contact their attorney on the best ways to transfer utility cost based on leasing and management agreements.


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