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We Are Committed to Making Every Community Better through Conservation, Preservation and Revitalization.

Our commitment surpasses any other utility management company. We create a true partnership; one that is customized to our customers’ needs. We want to see all communities take part in the Conservation of resources, Preservation of the communities in which we live, and Revitalization to restore and uphold their communities to their vision. Join us in making this commitment.

About Jasber Utility Services

Jasber Utility Services is Jasber Groups Utility Conservation Company. Jasber Utility Services is a Georgia based company that offers utility installation, reading, billing & financing services to communities and individuals that are looking for real solutions in maintaining their community through utility management. We specialize in utility conservation solutions that assist in restoring, upholding, & increasing community revenue. Jasber Utility Services is an industry leader, committed to providing professional, accurate and timely services to our clients.  Our expert technicians have over 25 years of experience in the utilities management industry.  We utilize licensed and insured contractors to install the newest technology in utility sub-metering.


A study conducted by the National Multi-Housing Council and the National Apartment Association found an 18 to 39 percent reduction in utility consumption in individually metered units compared to units that include utility expenses in rent.

Learn more about our sub-metering services to communities. Reaching for Excellence Through Conservation.

Learn more about our management services to communities. Reaching for Excellence Through Preservation.

Current Revitalization Project in Main Street, Forest Park, Georgia.

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