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Here at Jasber Utility Services we pride ourselves on our consultative approach to utility management. We take the time to get to know our clients so that we can identify the needs of each individual community. No two communities’ needs are the same; so we listen to Homeowners, Board member and Management teams to create a customized service that best fits their community’s requirements and specific goals.  Our mission is to provide solutions that meet the needs of each and every community that we serve, one meter at a time.


Jasber Utility Services is a Georgia based company that offers utility installation, reading, billing & financing services to communities and individuals that are looking for real solutions in maintaining their community through utility management. We specialize in utility conservation solutions that assist in restoring, upholding, & increasing community revenue. Jasber Utility Services is an industry leader, committed to providing professional, accurate and timely services to our clients.  Our expert technicians have over 25 years of experience in the utilities management industry.  We utilize licensed and insured contractors to install the newest technology in utility sub-metering.


In today’s market; utility costs are climbing. Rate increases occur on a bi-annual to annual basis.  County and local municipal infrastructure rising cost are being transferred to homeowners’ by-ways of rate increases. Jasber Utilities Services offers multi-unit properties an opportunity to gain control over these rising rates by sub-metering these cost back to individual homeowners. Utility systems designed prior to growing cost in multi-unit communities are designed where utility cost are included as part of homeowners monthly association dues. The issue has arisen that with rising utility rates; community infrastructure issues; foreclosures, & lack of paying homeowners; multi-unit properties that once could allocate and cover these costs by ways of dues; are finding it extremely difficult to maintain.

We have the solution. Using our proven effective sub metering system there is no need for entire neighborhoods to be condemned due to insufficient community funding.  With our sub metering system we can accurately Install, Read and Bill individual owners for their monthly utility cost. This allows each individual home owner to be responsible for the amount of utility cost that they have used. No more unfair estimating or being charged per square foot for utility services, No more paying homeowners paying for un-paying neighbors. We collect payments, keep track of delinquencies, send notices, and have the authority to disconnect utility services. Here at Jasber Utility Services we find solutions to all of your utility needs.

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